Nadine Lustre on makeup: “It makes me feel less insecure.”

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Beautiful, talented, and endlessly blessed: It’s so easy to perceive Nadine Lustre, actress, singer, and Chief Creative Designer for Lustrous as someone who has it all—including having boyfriend James Reid as her most steadfast supporter. But the 25-year-old is quick to squash this perception. “No one has everything,” she says. “Can you imagine living a life where you have everything? I think it’s kinda sad, to be honest, because there is no challenge, there’s no excitement.“

In this exclusive interview, Nadine opens up about the not-so-glamorous part of her life: her struggles with mental health, her insecurities, and how she aims to inspire with her story and her brand.

Have you been able to pinpoint the factors that trigger your anxiety and depression?

“Sometimes, I can’t pinpoint what they are. But most of the time, I can—which is a good thing because at least I know where it’s coming from. I have a lot of good people around me helping me out in times like these, so I feel that I am not alone.” 

Do you have any strategies for coping with panic attacks or bouts of sadness?

“I don’t, and it still happens a lot even up to now. The last time it happened, I had four shots of espresso in my Grande size drink. I’m never going to do that again! I usually tell my friends when I’m having a panic attack or anxiety—[I’d be] shaking, nervous, and getting paranoid.”

“My friends would tell me to breathe, [and they would] keep talking to me to get my mind off of things. Being an overthinker, I am used to thinking about a lot of things at once. So when a panic attack happens, you think that it’s never going to go away. But if you try to put your attention on something else, it [helps]. My friends are usually there for me. I would also listen to music and keep myself busy.”

How has makeup helped you in your personal battles?

“I think makeup is a big contributor when it comes to building self-esteem because when you look in the mirror, the first thing you see is your face. And when you see yourself looking good, it boosts your confidence. It is proven based on my own experience. Makeup makes me feel beautiful; it makes me feel less insecure.”

“I used to have a lot of insecurities—they’re still there. But makeup helps me a lot because when I see myself looking beautiful, it takes away my insecurities for a certain time. It’s not forever, but it really does help.”

Nadine knows this: Even a swipe of lippie can turn your mood around. This December, get first dibs on the four new shades of her Lustrous Matte Lipsticks—Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer—here.

How do you see Lustrous helping other people who are going through similar struggles?

“Aside from boosting people’s confidence with makeup, Lustrous is also reaching out to people who are struggling with mental health problems and insecurities. In our latest video campaign [‘I Am Lustrous: Hear Her Story’], we are conveying a message that it is okay to be sad because you are not the only one experiencing that struggle in life. It’s okay to feel like this; it’s okay to be sad sometimes.” 

Any tips for those who are currently experiencing the holiday blues?

“To be honest, loneliness is all in the mind. For me, there are so many reasons to be happy. Let’s say for example, if you are abroad and away from your family—you can’t bury yourself in loneliness just because you see a lot of people with their families. [Be positive] and use this opportunity to talk to them via video call. There are a lot of things to be thankful about so just focus on the things that you have now.” 

You recently turned 25. What’s one thing you know now that you wish to share with your younger followers?

“The biggest lesson that I’ve learned is to never let anyone define you. Never let anyone tell you who you are. There was a point when people were saying, ‘Nadine is like this,’ ‘Nadine is like that,’ and I lost my way. It came to the point that I questioned myself: ‘Who am I?’ I didn’t know who I was anymore because they had this idea, concept or image of me that was not me. So just don’t let anybody tell you who you really are or what you want to be. Stay true to yourself.” 

Watch the “I am Lustrous: Hear Her Story” campaign video here. 

To know more about the campaign, check out @LustrousPH on Facebook and Instagram.

If you or anyone you know is in need of immediate mental health assistance, contact the HOPELINE Project at (02) 804-HOPE (4673) or 0917-558-HOPE (4673). 

To shop Nadine’s makeup line, Lustrous, click here.


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