My hair is thinning! Help!

By Amorfia Team,

Hair fall is a part of life, and we’ve all got clogged up shower drains and hair-littered floors to prove it. On average, people lose anywhere from 50 to 100 strands every day. And while that sounds like a lot, it’s worth noting that each person has about 100,000 hair follicles on the scalp (or more!), so shedding about a hundred of those per day doesn’t really make much of a difference in terms of appearance. 

Of course, if you think you’re losing more than usual or noticing visible thinning (or feel that hair is not growing back!), then it’s totally understandable to be alarmed. But before you freak out, it helps to figure out the possible causes of your hair dilemma.

The two kinds of hair loss

First of all, hair loss is quite a common problem—for both men and women. Secondly, there are two types: genetic and reactive. For the first type, it all boils down to your genetics. You may be genetically predisposed to hair thinning simply because it runs in your family. And while this can’t be avoided, you can take steps to minimize its effects.

The second type, meanwhile, is caused by a trigger or combination of triggers, such as stress, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, nutritional deficiency, or even an illness. Simply put, it’s your body’s “reaction” to certain conditions. The good news about this type is it’s easier to manage and prevent, especially once you’ve figured out the cause.

What you can do

Not sure what type you fall under? It helps to pay a visit to your doctor, who can help assess your condition, albeit from an “overall health” perspective. For a more hair-centric evaluation, though, you can seek the help of a hair professional—particularly a trichologist, a.k.a. a doctor who specializes in the hair and scalp, at a hair loss clinic.

You can also heed these practical, everyday tips that can help you minimize hair fall.


Tip #1: Wash regularly.

A crucial step in keeping your strands and scalp healthy is to keep them clean with regular washing. Steer clear of harsh formulas (think: heavily fragranced shampoos) that can dry hair and cause it to break. Choose a mild shampoo and make sure to rinse thoroughly. Bonus tip: Massaging scalp gently while you cleanse also stimulates circulation, promoting hair growth.


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Tip #2: Deep-condition with a mask.

Dry, brittle hair is more prone to breakage, so strands become more susceptible to hair fall. While daily conditioning helps, a weekly masking session—for 10 to 20 minutes—delivers intense moisture and aids in repair.


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Treat your mane to some TLC: Apply this generously to wet hair and leave on for 10 to 20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Tip #3: Change your brush.

Is your hairbrush currently a hairy mess? Or do you constantly struggle with brushing (think: painful detangling and snagging)? You might want to switch to a more tress-friendly hair tool—one that has soft but effective bristles that won’t pull or damage your locks.


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Tip #4: Be strategic about hairstyling.

That Boho braid or ballerina bun may look ultra chic, but the truth is snug or complex hairstyles can take a toll on your mane as they pull on hair and add traction. Be wary of excessive heat styling, too, which can dry out and break strands, as well as the use of too much products like mousses, serums, and the like, since they can weigh hair down.

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Tip #5: Take vitamins and supplements.

Boost the health of your health follicles by adapting a healthy lifestyle—primarily through a healthy diet—and supplement with vitamins and minerals from additional sources. Be on the lookout for the following, which are essential for hair health: Vitamin B12, Iron, Vitamin C, Copper, and Zinc. A diet full of protein and complex carbohydrates also is essential for healthy hair growth.


Tip #6: Avoid stress whenever you can.

This is easier said and done, we know, given our fast-paced lifestyles. But since stress greatly affects your overall health—including that of your hair and scalp—it’s important to strive for more peace and calm in your daily life… for your own sake. (It’s possible! Check out our self-care tips here.)


An important reminder

One product or strategy alone can’t totally remedy hair loss; it takes a holistic approach to achieve healthier hair, and some time for results to be visible. (Due to the nature of our hair growth cycle, it make take at least six weeks before you see any improvements!) But if hair is shedding at alarming levels, remember that it’s always best to consult a professional to properly address your specific concerns. 

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