Lazy Girl Guide: Nail Hacks For Busy Gals

By Amorfia Team,

Any kikay girl will agree: Having pretty, well-groomed nails is a must. It’s a true confidence booster, and gives us an excuse to indulge in a little me-time while we sip our milk teas and flip through glossies—all while someone prunes and primps our tips and toes.

But as tempting as it is to check in to a nail spa regularly, the reality is that it can get pretty expensive and time-consuming. Between work or school and your social life (not to mention the horrible traffic), who has the time for a salon trip these days?

But don’t fret. We’ve come up with a list of nail hacks to help you keep your digits in tip-top shape fast, and without draining your wallet, too. The best part? These are all so simple and easy, you can do them all on your own.

NAIL HACK #1. Skip the mani and opt for press-on nails.
There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of admiring your freshly and professionally painted nails… that is, until it chips or smudges. Enter press-on nails, which can save you a ton of time and give longer-lasting results.

We recommend: The KISS New York Press & Go Nail Tips, which come with a built-in adhesive that you simply pull off before pressing the tip on your nail. (Just buff off excess with a nail file.) Choose from multiple cute designs, depending on your current mood or style.

NAIL HACK #2: Cut drying time in half with ice water.
If there’s one thing that we hate about applying fresh polish on our nails, it’s the excruciating waiting game. One way of dealing with this problem is to dip your nails in a bowl of ice water for about a minute, as the cool temp help seals in the lacquer for a faster drying time. Another trick: Apply a coat of a fast-dry gloss, like the Bell Hypoallergenic Nail Fast Dry, P599. Not only will it save you some 15 to 20 minutes, this product also provides a protective coat against abrasion and chipping.

NAIL HACK #3: Give grown-out nail polish a quick fix with glitter polish.
An inevitable part of prettifying your nails is to see them grow out until you’re left with weird half-nail polish on your tips. Repainting your nails might seem like the only option to hide those exposed nail beds, but fortunately, it isn’t! The magic of glitter polish will give your old manipedi a second chance.

The trick is to apply some clear polish on your new nail growth before applying a glittery second coat for instant nail revival. You can even have a little fun with this nail hack by opting for interesting shapes to fill in those gaps.

NAIL HACK #4: Try a nail polish remover pot.
Forget about cotton balls. Removing your old nail polish can be as easy dipping your fingers inside a nail polish remover pot, twisting it against the built-in sponge, and pulling it out—clean! Try the BYS Express Nail Polish Remover Pot, P299and the BYS Express Nail Polish Remover Pot for Feet, P399, for a faster polish removal.

NAIL HACK #5: Keep a cuticle pen handy.
Even if you decide to skip nail polish day and go bold with barenaked nails, you gotta give your tips the love and care that they deserve. Make sure to store a nail care product, like the BYS Cuticle Pen, P399, in your kikay kit to keep your nails hydrated and healthy even while on the go. It’s also a great fixer-upper for when nails feel and look dry—just swipe it on for quick boost.

NAIL HACK #6: Switch to a no-cure UV gel polish.
Compared to regular nail polish, gel-like nail enamels have the advantage when it comes to staying power. It also takes half the time to apply than the traditional gel polish! You can achieve a shiny salon-like nail finish at home without the need for harmful UV light exposure when you use a no-cure option like the BYS Gel-Like Nail Enamel, P299.

The bottom line: It’s possible to keep your nails looking effortlessly gorgeous—all without hours of salon time or spending a lot of cash. For more nail tools, head on over to the shop.



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