Ingredient Spotlight: What’s the deal with snail mucin?

By Amorfia Team,

If you’re a K-beauty fan, you probably know this: When it comes to beauty innovations, Koreans are at the top of the game. For years, they’ve been continuously shocking and wowing the world with groundbreaking formulas that are usually powered by unique (albeit occasionally bizarre) ingredients that offer amazing results—from volcanic minerals and bee venom to donkey milk and horse oil.

One of the most popular, of course, is the snail mucin or snail secretion filtrate, a.k.a. the trail left behind by snails as they crawl, which are designed to protect and repair their soft bodies as they move. Dubbed as a miracle skin saver, it is now found in a ton of skin care products—from sheet masks and moisturizers to essences, eye creams, and serums—from Asian and Western brands alike. But what exactly is the deal with snail-infused beauty?

The Secrets of Snail Skin Care

Here’s a fun fact: The skin-boosting effects of snails were actually discovered by snail farmers in Chile in the 1980s (by accident!) as they noticed their hands growing smoother as they continuously handled the mollusks. By the 2000s, the use of snail slime as a cosmetic ingredient started gaining traction in South Korea, eventually spreading to the rest of the world. Today, even celebs like Drew Barrymore and Katie Holmes are reportedly fans of snail goop. Here, we list down what snail mucin can do for your skin, and why you should be adding it to your routine.

1. It contains a heap of skin-saving properties.

As unconventional as this beauty ingredient might seem, snail mucin consists of a lot of components commonly found in many skin-enhancing products, such as elastin, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, protein, anti-microbial enzymes, and copper peptides. These same components keep skin healthy by aiding in the natural repair processes, so you can enjoy fresher-looking skin for longer. Plus, snail filtrates also contain about 98% water, making it a potent skin hydrator.

2. It helps reverse the signs of aging.

In the same way that it heals the frail bodies of snails, the mucus also does wonders in healing our skin: It is known for being able to boost skin’s natural collagen production, firming up skin and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Its antioxidant powers also protect from environmental damage, helping you fight off dark spots and acne marks while improving your skin tone.

3. It’s gentle and natural, so it’s non-irritating.

Snail mucin isn’t a placeholder for a fancy or scientific beauty ingredient. It is what it says it is—mucus that literally comes from snails themselves. And since it’s a natural ingredient, it’s generally safe for all skin types. No need to worry about animal cruelty, though: Snails only actually produce more of the mucin when they’re healthy and well cared for. So snail cosmetics laboratories have farmers who devote their time to tending the snails, making sure that they thrive in an environment that’s as close to their natural habitat as possible.

4. It is readily accessible, and comes in many forms!

Luckily, you don’t have to experience snails crawling all over your face just to enjoy the benefits of snail essence, nor do you have to scour for these crawlers on your own. Today, snail mucin can be found in almost any beauty product—from facial masks to BB creams, and even bar soaps—and are available at various price points, too. What’s more, modern formulas are designed for your ultimate comfort, so they’re anything but slimy or sticky.

Ready to harness the power of snails? You can start off your new snail-powered routine with our picks:

Deoproce Snail Recovery Cream, P1,270
Refresh dry, rough, and aging skin with this luxuriously rich snail cream that drenches skin with good-for-you ingredients without being heavy.

Deoproce Intensive Snail BB Cream #21, P990
This multitasking formula nourishes and cares for skin while giving it a smooth, even-toned finish.

Deoproce Snail Recovery Brightening Ampoule, P1,290
Brighten up your dull and tired complexion with this ampoule that contains a high concentration of snail mucus extracts to hasten skin repair.


Deoproce Snail Recovery Soap, P160
Suitable for the face and body, this has antimicrobrial properties that can benefit those with sensitive or problematic skin.

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