How To Get Back in Shape Even When You’re Stuck At Home

By Amorfia Team,

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No gym? No problem.

It’s been too many weeks since we’ve all gone under lockdown status, and we won’t be surprised if you’ve been feeling sluggish or heavy, or have gained some extra pounds from the lack of adequate physical activity. Also not helpful in our current situation: our tendency to stress-eat especially during such a crazy time, coupled with 24/7 access to the fridge/pantry/your mom’s delish home cooking.

But while it looks like it’s going to be a while before we can hit the gym again (or even just go for a leisurely walk outdoors), there’s no need to resign ourselves to the so-called sedentary lifestyle.

Here, we’ve rounded up some quick get-in-shape tips you can easily do at home—not just for your figure, but also for your health.

Tip #1: Stream your workouts (and do ‘em regularly!).

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Thanks to technology, anyone can access endless workout videos—taught by professional trainers and coaches, too—through YouTube. Alternatively, if you prefer real-time coaching or crave human interaction, you can join an online workouts via FB, IG, or Zoom without having to leave your bedroom.

Model-actress Kylie Verzosa, for one, says she usually turns to YouTube for her ~daily~ yoga and HIIT (high-intensity internal training) sessions. Our tip: Set a regular “workout time” in your calendar and try your best to commit to your schedule, whether it’s once a week, three times a week, or even daily. Start slow with just a 20- to 30-minute session, then gradually build up to a longer routine as your body adjusts to physical activity.

Sweat it out with these workout-friendly picks:

Tip #2: Get some sun.



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Apart from keeping our bodies healthy by delivering much-needed doses of Vitamin D (which is crucial for bone growth and formation), sunlight also increases levels of serotonin, a chemical the promotes feelings of happiness and well-being. And when you’re in a good mood, you’re less likely to feel lazy and lethargic, right?

Even better: Studies have shown that sun exposure also helps aid in weight loss. The quick explanation: Serotonin is also known as nature’s own appetite suppressant, helping curb cravings and keeping you from overeating.

Pro tip: Try to get 5 to 15 minutes of sun light on your arms, hands, and face twice to thrice a week, ideally in the early morning or late afternoon (avoid sun exposure from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., when sun’s rays are the strongest).

Don’t forget to put on sunscreen, too, to protect from UV damage.

Tip #3: Snack and hydrate smartly.



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Feeling extra bloated lately? Lack of physical activity and unhealthy snacking habits (especially involving salty food) contribute to the buildup of water weight or the “bloating effect” in the body. Salt causes your body to retain water, especially in your abdomen, and can also make your face look extra puffy.

To beat the bloat, swap your salty chips for healthier alternatives, like fruit and nuts, and limit your intake of dehydrating drinks, such as coffee and tea. And while it sounds counterintuitive to drink more water when you’re suffering from water weight, chugging down lots of H20 contributes to your body’s natural flushing process, helping eliminate toxins and eventually, all the bloat.

Tip #4: Sculpt with skin care.



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If you’re skeptical about the weight loss powers of topical products, you have every right to be. After all, there are lots of products out there that simply over-promise results but are not exactly backed up by science.

Here’s the truth, though: There’s no magic product that can make you shed the pounds or lose those flabs in a cinch. There are, however, skin care products that can contribute to this by helping boost skin’s collagen and elastin levels, resulting in the smoothening, firming, tightening, and plumping of skin—particularly saggy or cellulite-ridden areas.

Also worth noting: These products are best used in combination with regular physical activity (e.g. your daily workouts) and a healthy lifestyle.

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