Grooming Guide for Your Guy

By Amorfia Team,

Fact: Men like to be pampered and spoiled, too. So if you’ve been wanting to get him to understand that personal care goes far beyond shaving and wearing deo, here’s a sneaky but foolproof hack: Shower him with love in the form of grooming products!

Below is a list of guy essentials we know he’ll be using all year long—plus, tips on how you can convince him to incorporate them into his daily grooming routine.

1. A moisturizing sunscreen
Why he needs it: Men are just as prone to the negative effects of the harmful UV rays as us girls, and probably even more—especially if they’re into sports and outdoor activities. A dual-purpose product like a moisture-rich sunscreen is perfect for guys who like to keep things simple. It protects the skin from sun damage while also providing healthy hydration.

How to convince him:
 The “tall, dark, and handsome” ideal? Tell your man that this look is not going to work if he’s all wrinkly and spotty, all because of years of sun exposure. Plus, a sunscreen proves to be not just a powerful ally against aging, but also against cancer.


Deoproce UV Defence Sun Cream SPF 50+/PA+++, P670


2. Men’s hair brush
Why he needs it: Men are more prone to hair loss so it’s important to give their mane utmost care and protection. The right hair brush—one that’s specifically designed for men—plays a key role in that. Look for one that has soft, flexible bristles so there’s less pulling and snagging while he combs and styles, as well as gentle tips to massage (and not harm) the scalp.

How to convince him: Does your guy like sharing your hair tools? Well, here’s the kicker: Since girls tend to use more hair products than guys (mousses, conditioners, sprays, etc.), he could be exposing his delicate strands to more chemicals than necessary by sharing your comb or brush. Getting a his-and-hers pair can help solve this.


Wet Brush Men’s Brush, P699


3. Sheet masks
Why he needs it: Most guys are weary of using a sheet mask because 1) they think it’s a girl thing, and 2) they don’t need it. Wrong and wrong. Men can benefit from these serum-infused sheets, too, as they’re chock-full of nourishing and repairing ingredients that help bring back skin’s health.

How to convince him: Make masking a couple ritual! Once a week, treat yourselves to a sheet mask bonding session while you catch up on your Netflix shows. Once he sees how easy it is to use and how good it feels, he just might be enticed to do it more often, and by himself, too.


Deoproce Color Synergy Effect Sheet Mask – White, P65


4. Lip balm
Why he needs it: Nobody likes dry, chapped lips that feel as bad as they look. A handy lip moisturizer can instantly remedy that, giving him soft, supple, and kissable lips without the stickiness.

How to convince him: Treat him to a lip pampering session: Exfoliate his puckers with a lip scrub, cleanse, then moisturize with a lip balm or oil. Once he sees and feels the difference, he’ll likely never go back to his flaky-lipped state. (A little makeout sesh won’t hurt, too!)


BYS Lip Bubble Balm (Loose) – Mint, P249


5. A grooming tool kit
Why he needs it: Perfect for the busy man, a grooming tool kit has everything your bae could possibly need for taming and trimming facial hair, including his brows and even nose hair. No more borrowing from you, or from the kitchen. Eek.

How to convince him: Scruffy can be sexy on occasion, but a well-groomed man is sexy all the time. Have him experiment with his kit and make sure to compliment him after for he grooms and primps for you.


KISS New York Beautiful Tool Kit, P699


6. A signature scent
Why he needs it: In addition to wearing deodorant, spritzing a body fragrance post-shower can help keep him smell fresh longer, especially if he applies it on the pulse points—behind the ears, wrists, elbows, and knees. It would be perfect if you get your beau a fragrance that shows off his personality. But if you’re not yet sure what to get, a fresh-smelling, citrusy scent is always great for everyday use and is perfect for the tropical weather.

How to convince him: Studies say that spraying on perfume can significantly improve one’s mood and body image, so you’d be doing his spirit a favor by indulging him with a new scent. Also good for him: You nuzzling against him every chance you get simply because you can’t get over how good he smells.

STR8 RISE Body Fragrance, P449


With the help of this grooming care package and a little nudge from you, it will only be a matter of time before your man masters the art and science of grooming… for your ultimate benefit. (You’re welcome!)

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