Busy Girl Guide: Easy Hair Hacks To Get Gorgeous Beach Waves

By Amorfia Team,

There’s something effortlessly ~sexy~ about messy waves—whether you’re going for sultry mermaid curls or the undone, air-dried, woke-up-like-this look. The good news: You can easily score this IG-worthy ‘do without having to spend hours fiddling with your iron or splurging on a digiperm session.

Ready to learn how to flaunt goddess hair even while you sleep? (It’s possible!) Check out our video of tried-and-tested hacks here!

Hair Hack 1: The Double Twists

Perfect for those with extra long hair, this oh-so-easy trick is doable in less than a minute. All you need is a comb and a few of bobby pins!

Step 1: Divide damp or dry hair into two equal sections.
Step 2: Twist one section and pin the end at the top of your head. Repeat on the other side.
Step 3: Sleep on it, or leave it on for a few hours.
Step 4: In the morning, undo twists and tousle hair. You can also spritz with a bit of hairspray for longer-lasting curls. Try the Eva NYC Hold Me Tight Hairspray, P999.


Hair Hack 2: The Braided Bun

This doubles as a cute daytime hairdo and a wave setter.

Step 1: Tie hair into a high ponytail.
Step 2: Divide hair into small sections and braid them separately. Tie each braid with an elastic.
Step 3: Twist braids into a bun and tie with a ponytail.
Step 4: Leave overnight or for a few hours.
Step 5: Undo the braids and remove your ponytail to reveal gorgeous mermaid locks. Bonus tip: For extra volume and movement, spray hair with a texturizing product like the Eva NYC Surf’s Up Texture Spray, P899, before styling hair or after you’ve undone your braided bun.


Hair Hack 3: The Sock Bun

Who knew a sock can be the secret to easy peasy curls? (Plus, it can help you flaunt a chic ballerina bun!)

Step 1: Get a clean sock and cut the toe end off.
Step 2: Roll the sock into a donut.
Step 3: Slide the sock into your ponytail.
Step 4: Twist hair into the donut bun, section by section.
Step 5: Leave overnight or for a few hours.
Step 6: Undo twists and let hair loose!

Tip: For a more dramatic effect, prep damp hair with a curling cream before tucking into your sock bun. Try Eva NYC Rock-a-Wave Curl Cream, P899. 


Hair Hack 4: InstaWave It!

Fancy a little heat? Here’s the fastest and most efficient way to curl hair with a heated tool.

Step 1: Apply a heat protectant all over locks before styling.
Step 2: Turn on the Kiss New York InstaWave Automatic Curler (starts at P2,599), a.k.a. the best curler ever.
Step 3: Get a section of hair and let the curler automatically catch it.
Step 4: Hold for seconds—or until you here the beep—and pull down to release.
Step 5: Repeat for all sections of hair.


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