Amorfia Exclusive: Life Goals (and #PogiGoals!) with Edward Barber

By Amorfia Team,

Edward Barber believes impressive gestures shouldn’t be limited to Valentine’s Day. For this 18-year-old heartthrob—a.k.a. one-half of onscreen tandem #MayWard (with fellow Pinoy Big Brother alum MayMay Entrata)—life is made up of a series of “first dates.” This is why he chooses to impress every day by always being his best self.

This actually makes him the perfect ambassador for Str8, a top-selling European fragrance line for men. As a guy who takes his scent seriously (he smells really good, by the way!), this British-Filipino TV personality knows that it’s not enough to leave just a good impression; it pays to really go for great.

In fact, back when Edward was still living in Germany, he was known to be the guy who always had mints and a deo spray in his bag just so he’s sure he always smells good. “Conscious talaga ako sa mga ganun, kasi first impression yun, eh,” he admits.

Here, the teen cutie shares his tips on how you, too, can aim for greatness—whether in your everyday life, in your career, and even in your relationships.

Tip #1: Make time to take care of yourself.

Fast fact: Being into grooming doesn’t make a man any less masculine. Edward, for one, takes pride in his daily grooming routine, as this gives him an instant confidence boost. “Kung maayos buhok mo, maganda suot mo, ‘tapos you smell good? Artificial confidence yun,” he says. “And it’s something that everyone can do.”

He goes on to explain: “You can see it in kids. When they put gel on their hair for the first time, their chests are out, they are walking like that. They’re so excited, and that’s just the same for me.”

He stresses, “When you smell good or when you feel good, you don’t even have to look good.” Your confidence will radiate naturally.


Tip #2: Stay motivated.

Edward is not the type to settle for the mediocre, especially when it comes to his personal pursuits. To stay driven, he keeps his eye on the prize. “You have to find something that you are working towards or fighting for,” he advises. “Medyo mahirap yun minsan—to stay focused. You have to have something you’re pushing for.”

“Truthfully, my passion lies more with acting. Secondary is hosting,” he shares. But Edward adds that he’s keen to do more and be more, and he’s working on that. “My goal by end of 2020 is I don’t want to have any fears of singing or dancing or anything like that [anymore]. Before, I fought it. ‘Ah, I don’t want to dance, I don’t want to sing. I don’t want to do anything like that.'”

“So by that [time], I want to be versatile enough… I want to be able to say, ‘Ah, kaya ko na,’ he claims. As if this isn’t inspiring enough, Edward goes on to add that ultimately, his success is up to him. “I have my own dreams, my own goals that I want to achieve. No one can achieve it for me.”

Tip #3. Be meaningful and intentional.

…especially when it comes to your relationships. His advice for guys this Valentine’s Day? “Make sure there is a meaning behind [what you do].”

For Edward, thoughtfulness always trumps any grand gesture. “Don’t just think about if it’s expensive. Don’t just think about where you got it or how much effort you put into it. Doesn’t matter. Make sure may meaning [para] sa babae.” 

Inspired to go for great, too? “If you have a goal and a passion and a drive, then Str8 fits [you] more than any other scent,” presses Edward. His personal fave is Str8 Red Code Body Fragrance, P399, a fresh, energetic, and masculine scent with aromatic top notes and a woody ambery base. Also available: Str8 Red Code Eau de Toilette, P999, and Str8 Red Code Deodorant Spray, P199.

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