6 Fragrance Tricks To Keep You Smelling Fresh—Even As You Sweat!

By Amorfia Team,

Do you notice that your fragrances fade faster during the summer, or that you go through your perfume products quicker this time of the year?

Let’s face it: Heat and humidity are the culprits here, causing us to sweat more and thereby destroying fragrance molecules faster. While spritzing and re-spritzing can help, it’s not exactly economical and can be counterproductive, too. (The smell of sweat mixed with perfume doesn’t always produce the best results, BTW.)

While there’s not much you can do about your body’s natural sweating processes, the good news is that there are several tricks you can try to enhance the longevity of your scents so you can stay fresher longer—especially for an important occasion, like a hot date—and even in this intense heat. Check out our six-point cheat sheet here:

1. First and foremost, learn your formats.

The concentration of perfume oils in your product plays a key role in the longevity of your scent once applied on skin. Parfums and eau de parfums are the most potent with 15 to 30% concentration—and are therefore more expensive—versus eau de toilettes (5 to 15% concentration) and eau de colognes (2 to 4% concentration). For a really long-lasting scent, it’s best to stick to parfums or EDPs as you only usually need to apply this once at the start of the day, whereas EDTs and colognes usually last only a few hours. 

Luster by Nadine Lustre, P3,000
This elegant and concentrated EDP will wrap you in a powdery vanilla scent from day to night.

2. Moisturize before you spritz.

Here’s an often overlooked DON’T when it comes to scents: Don’t spray your product on dry skin. One of the worst environments for fragrances, parched skin does very little to lock the scent in as you need moisture for your perfume to do its thing. The good news? This can be easily remedied by slathering on lotion or even sunscreen—preferably unscented—right before you spritz on your fragrance of choice.

Bonus tip: You can also use lip balm or petroleum jelly to give your scent a longer-lasting hold! Apply a small amount on the inside of your wrists before spraying your perfume over the same area.

Bi-es Laserre EDP for Women (15ml), P199
This pocket-friendly bottle is ideal for on-the-go gals.


3. Spray strategically.

You’ve probably heard of pulse points: your neck, elbows, wrists, and even the back of your elbows and knees. These are the best places to apply perfume because they’re where skin warms up the most, and heat is crucial in making your scent stick around for longer. But you may also want to spritz a bit on your clothes, too (just be extra cautious of delicate fabrics), especially during the summer months. Perfume oils can sink into the fabric and take longer to evaporate—compared to your sweaty skin.

Bi-es Hawaiian Summer EDP for Women (50ml), P499
A whiff of this summery scent will take you on a tropical escape in an instant.

4. Don’t underestimate the power of layering.

There’s a reason why body care brands often carry the same scent in different formats: body wash, lotion, cologne, perfume, the works! Combining different products and textures—all with the same scent—helps you build up a longer-lasting fragrance cloud, and is preferred versus piling on different-scented products that may or may not complement each other.

Str8 Eau de Toilette – Red Code, P1,199
Intensify your guy’s scent by pairing this EDT with the matching Deodorant Spray.


5. Dabbing is the key.

If you think rubbing your perfume on your skin will intensify its scent and hold, you’re wrong. It’s quite the opposite, actually: Rubbing can dull the perfume notes and accelerate evaporation. Instead, just lightly dab and let your perfume air-dry. 

Fabio Verso Enthusiasmo EDP for Women (50ml), P699
This fruity floral scent has citrusy top notes for an energizing opening—great for a hot day!


6. Spray on hair, too.

Don’t forget to spritz on your locks, a.k.a. one of the best places to spray perfume on due to its large surface area. Scared of the alcohol content drying your mane? Relax. You’ll only be applying a very little amount of alcohol, if ever, so it won’t cause much damage in the long run. (Also, just remember to condition on the reg!)

Bi-es Orchid Berries Body Mist (200ml), P499
Flaunt sweet-smelling locks with this floral-fruity mist.

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